We are a new site dedicated to providing great and affordable massage deals for everyone, with our strong belief in the healing power of massage, and that every person should be able to reap all benefits that massage has to offer without suffering a financial setback. Our focus is on creating a win-win situation where clients get a great massage deals, and service providers increase the flow of new clients with as little cost to them as possible. Massage Deals Finder was created by a massage therapist who got tired of the high cost of advertising on group coupon site and decided to create a place where Spas, Foot Spas and massage therapists can advertise theirs deals and be able to do so with minimal cost.



Massage Deals Seekers

1)  Enter city or zip code.

2)  Go through the deals and choose what you like.

3)  Give them a call and book your massage.

4)  Nothing to buy from us, you pay the service provider directly.


Service Providers

1)  Service providers will contact us by email or phone.

2)  We set up a time to call to get information about the business and the deal.

3)  Our technical team will immediately do the rest from design to image and text.

4)  We will send you a preview to approve and an invoice upon approval.

4)  Your deal will go live immediately.

5)  The subscription cost can be used as an advertising expense come tax season.

6)  Promotional rate at $9.95 a month, we have three packages: 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.